Call for Papers

Issue  11  Deadline for Submissions:

This page will be updated when the new deadline is available.

The Claims Conference seeks professional articles for this coming issue of Kavod. The purpose of Kavod is to reach out to the professional caregiving community by providing support based on an integration of research and best practice. Knowing how quickly the remaining survivors are aging, we recognize that there is urgency to this work and to the dissemination of meaningful guidance, knowledge, and exchange of information.

We invite submissions about academic research, case studies, related agency initiatives and development, clinical practice, conference papers and book reviews. All authors MUST use standard APA format for references and citations and write for a diverse multi-disciplinary professional readership.

Agency directors/supervisors: Please encourage submissions from your staff, as this is a wonderful opportunity for them to grow!

All material MUST be submitted in web-ready, plain-text as follows:

  1. A title page with the name of the author and institutional affiliation.
  2. A footer for each page to include the page number and the title of the paper.
  3. For every acronym used, including abbreviations for institutions, please provide the full name at the outset and a full definition.
  4. Charts, tables and images MUST be supplied as separate attachments.
  5. Maximum article length: 20 double-spaced pages.

Interested authors should contact

All articles must be submitted in English. International authors, we encourage your contributions and welcome your professionally translated/edited submissions.