Announcing the Publication of the Third Issue of the Claims Conference’s Journal Kavod

The Claims Conference has published 8 issues of Kavod: Honoring Aging Survivors, an online journal for mental health professionals and family care providers of Holocaust survivors addressing the unique challenges of working with this population. As Holocaust survivors age, they face health and emotional issues that often differ from other elderly people due to the suffering and persecution of their youth. Kavod seeks to enhance understanding of and treatment for survivors, to promote the sharing of innovative ideas and approaches to survivor issues, and provide support and connection to service providers and family caregivers around the world. The journal’s scholarly articles are written by experts with academic and/or practical experience with matters specific to survivors of the Holocaust.

Stay tuned for Issue 9, with authors from around the world. These articles not only bear witness to the pain that survivors carry, but to their strength and resilience.

The Claims Conference publishes Kavod annually.

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