Amy Clements-Cortés

Amy Clements-Cortes

Articles: Healing Water: Guided Imagery and Music Therapy; Music Therapy

Amy Clements-Cortés, Ph.D., MusM, MTA, Mt-BC, FAMI is an academic advisor and instructor of music therapy at the University of Windsor, as well as a contracted academic staff member and clinical supervisor at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is also a senior music therapist at Baycrest Centre, Toronto, Canada. Dr. Clements-Cortés began her career as a music therapist, performer, and vocal teacher and obtained her masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Toronto. Her music studio, Notes By Amy, was founded in 1995. Dr. Clements-Cortés has worked extensively in geriatrics, adult mental health, complex continuing care, palliative care, and survivors of the Holocaust. Her work has been presented around the world and published in peer-reviewed journals. She has produced several music recordings, including a recent release, “Soothing Relaxation Journeys,” and “Episodes of Relationship Completion.” (Visit for more details.) Dr. Clements-Cortés is currently the president of The Canadian Association for Music Therapy, as well as the Clinical Commissioner for the World Federation of Music Therapy, and chairperson and member of the board of directors for the Room 217 Foundation.