Nancy Isserman Ph.D.

Nancy Isserman

Article: Wartime Experiences and Late Life Coping

Nancy Isserman Ph.D. is a senior research Fellow at the Council for Relationships. Since 1993, Dr. Isserman has been the co-director of the Transcending Trauma Project, a qualitative research project consisting of in-depth interviews of almost 300 Holocaust survivors and three generation family members on resilience and coping before, during and after World War II. She is the co-author of “Transcending Trauma: Survival, Resilience, and Clinical Implications” (Routledge, 2012). Dr. Isserman is also affiliated with the Feinstein Center for American Jewish History, Temple University. She has published articles, book reviews, and co-edited books on such topics as trauma and Holocaust survivors, the contemporary Jewish experience, marriage and family relationship education, and tolerance in survivors. Dr. Isserman received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the Graduate Center, City University of New York. Her dissertation, “I Harbor No Hate: Tolerance and Intolerance in Holocaust Survivors,” received the 2004-2005 Braham Dissertation Award.