Issue 9, Spring 2019

The Long Goodbye

By Renee Symonds My uncle is musing, “I remember the day she was born. I didn’t want to go to school. I was 7 years old. I remember my mother giving birth to her at home. I remember it like yesterday.” My uncle is lost in reverie – a reverie that takes him back to…

Issue 7, Winter 2017

Snoezelen Rooms: Preserving Memories of Holocaust Survivors with Dementia

Snoezelen is a form of multi-sensory stimulation (MSS) that is used both to calm down Patients with Dementia (PwD) who are agitated, as well as to stimulate those that are disengaged from their surroundings

Issue 6, Winter 2016

Encounters with Chronic Psychiatric Holocaust Survivors: Trauma, Psychosis and Functionality

By Irit Felsen, Ph.D. Part I Abstract This paper describes encounters with Jewish survivors of the Holocaust who were diagnosed with schizophrenia and spent decades in psychiatric institutions in Israel. The interviews with the patients took place in the context of the Testimony Project (Strous et al., 2005). The focus of this paper is on…

Issue 5, Spring 2015

For Decades I was Silent: A Holocaust Survivor’s Journey Back to Faith – The Memoirs of Baruch G. Goldstein

A Book Review by Susan H. Sachs  MELABEV  –   מלב”ב מרכז לטיפול בקשיש בקהילה Jerusalem, Israel  Melabev was the very first organization in Jerusalem to provide safe, pleasant, caring day centers for older adults with declining memory or cognitive skills.  The staff of the Melabev day care centers also offers support and guidance to the…

Issue 3, Winter 2013

Aging Child Survivors

Aging of Child Holocaust Survivors By Yoram Barak, MD, MHA Introduction Numerous studies focus on the influence of Holocaust experiences on child survivors more than 60 years after the Holocaust. Our own treatment and research group investigated issues as diverse as development of dementia, suicide and psychiatric services used by survivors (Ohanna, Golander, & Barak, 2011;…