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Collection of Poetry from Betyna Bock

By Betyna Bock

Nora at the Fruit Shop

In Theresienstadt
you worked in the vegetable garden
and stole fruit and vegetables.
You defied death
by disregarding the rules
and hiding them in your lumber jacket
while the Czech police weren’t looking.

Now sixty years later
in your smart red blazer
and pleated floral skirt
you breeze past the sign
You give the purple plums
a … Continue Reading ››

For Decades I was Silent: A Holocaust Survivor’s Journey Back to Faith – The Memoirs of Baruch G. Goldstein

A Book Review

by Susan H. Sachs 

MELABEV  -   מלב"ב
מרכז לטיפול בקשיש בקהילה
Jerusalem, Israel 

Melabev was the very first organization in Jerusalem to provide safe, pleasant, caring day centers for older adults with declining memory or cognitive skills.  The staff of the Melabev day care centers also offers support and guidance to the family … Continue Reading ››