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8 Transcending Victimization through Empowerment

By Myra Giberovitch

The core experiences of psychological trauma are disempowerment and disconnection from others.

J.L. Herman (1992)


Long-term victimization under a systematic and comprehensive program of genocide adversely affected the mental and emotional well-being of many survivors. ‘People who have endured … Continue Reading ››

Person-Centered Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy with Holocaust Survivors and their Family Caregivers

Alyssa Reiner, MSW, LSW, RYT200

More than seventy years after the Holocaust, the complete impact of pervasive trauma on Survivors continues to be under investigation. An increased sense of fragility results in a mind-body relationship characterized by pain, misunderstanding, and lack of control. A childhood signified by extreme malnutrition, … Continue Reading ››