Issue 1: Winter 2011 Authors

  • Paula David MSW, Ph.D

    Paula David MSW, Ph.D

    Article: Aging Holocaust Survivors: An Evolution of Understanding

    Paula David MSW, Ph.D is a partially retired professor, still lecturing part time in gerontology and clinical practice courses at the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto and the Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University.  Following art school and a BA in Art History, she received her MSW and PhD at U of T with a Collaborative Degree in Social Work and Aging. She was also one of the developers and still involved with the Azrieli Foundation and its Sustaining Memories Program. She continues to consult with and provide professional development programs for Jewish organizations that focus on maintaining best practice support for aging Survivors.

    She spent twenty-plus years at Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, a large continuum of care campus in Toronto.  With support from the Claims Conference, she initiated a comprehensive Holocaust Resource Program that provided clinical, educational and intergenerational programs working with elderly Holocaust survivors and their families. Both her academic and clinical research focused on aging Holocaust survivors’ views on their own mortality, death and dying.

    With her background in the visual arts, adult education and community organization, she has developed teaching modules for professional staff working with survivors of genocide and clinical issues of post-traumatic stress disorder. She has travelled and published extensively, sharing her experience and knowledge with both professional and family caregivers.  In her spare time she plays in a band, enjoys tea parties with her grandchildren, maintains her community volunteer work and has rediscovered the joys of painting. 

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  • Jenni Frumer LCSW

    Jenni Frumer LCSW

    Article: A Partnership Model to Reduce Isolation and Enhance the Well-Being of Survivors in Palm Beach County’s Gated-Communities

    Jenni Frumer, PhD, LCSW, MSEd is currently the Director of the NOW for Holocaust Survivors Initiative at MorseLife Health Systems and is also the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the NEXT GENERATIONS of Holocaust Survivors.

    She is an Adjunct Professor for Fordham University, teaching macro social work practice; an Adjunct Professor at Lynn University in the College of Business and Management, teaching graduate courses in human resources management as well as in the College of Arts and Sciences, where she teaches graduate courses in public administration. Dr. Frumer also teaches public administration courses at Barry University and is an Adjunct faculty at Creighton University, teaching a PhD course in Qualitative Research Design.

    She earned her PhD in Human Capital Management from the College of Business at Bellevue University, NE. Jenni is a graduate of both the Wexner Leadership Training program and the Alliance for Children & Families Executive Leadership Institute (ELI), at the University of Michigan.

    Dr. Frumer is the former CEO  of Alpert Jewish Family Service (AJFS) and The Levine Jewish Residential and Family Service (LJRFS) in West Palm Beach, Florida. She has over 35 years in nonprofit leadership and is the President of Jenni Frumer & Associates LLC, consultants for organizational management; specializing in organizational culture, change management, leadership development, talent management, executive coaching, community outreach strategies, accreditation readiness and program design and development.

    Jenni is licensed as a Clinical Social Worker and Mental Health Counselor, has National Board Certification in Geriatric Counseling, a Certification in Geriatric Care Management, has an Aging Life Care Professional certificate and has been a Florida Registered Guardian.

    She is a Team Leader for the national Council on Accreditation (COA); conducting site visits of other social service agencies and US Marine Corps installations, both domestically and internationally and recently served on the Board of COA. She served on the New Age of Aging Leadership Advisory Committee; the American Society on Aging (ASA) membership and Aging Business and Finance committees.

    Dr. Frumer has written and published articles on geriatric social service systems, engaging Baby Boomers and community engagement models in the work of non-profits. She has also presented extensively both nationally and internationally on several topics related to non-profit administration, business initiatives and cultural competence training in trauma and working with Holocaust survivors and their families.

    She co-hosted Leadership Matters on VoiceAmerica internet radio show. She has been an Adjunct Professor at Nova Southeastern University where she taught Graduate courses in Gerontology and Administration. Dr. Frumer assisted in the development of and was an instructor for the on-line Alfus Patient Advocacy Program at the University of Miami.

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  • Ana Hermanovic

    Ana Hermanovic

    Article: Social Work with Holocaust Survivors in Isolated Communities

    Ana Hermanovic was born in 1981 in Zagreb.   She graduated in social work at the Department of Social Work, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb and has worked in Jewish Community Zagreb since 2007. During her studies, Ms. Hermanovic served as project assistant on the Health and Social Research of Holocaust survivors in Croatia at the Research and Documentation Center for Holocaust Victims and Survivors. She has developed social work students’ field work practice in the Jewish community and facilitates support group for caregivers of dementia sufferers. Ms. Hermanovic is an active volunteer and member of member of governing board of Alzheimer’s Croatia.

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  • Simonne Beckeld Hirschhorn

    Simonne Beckeld Hirschhorn

    Article: Club Nissim – Every Member a Living Miracle

    Simonne Beckeld Hirschhorn was born and raised in Sweden.  With a BA in Art History from the University of Uppsala, she developed a multitasking career as a foreign languages high school teacher, art critic, and lecturer.  Her career gradually turned to Jewish topics.  She worked for the Jewish Community of Stockholm for over a decade as a lecturer and spokesperson of Judaism, also teaching and doing programming within the community.

    In 1994, she moved to the US with her two teenage sons, in order to further their Jewish education, and to pursue a degree in Jewish community service. Having worked for Aish International and The National Society for Hebrew Day Schools among others, she found her true calling in building and directing Club Nissim for Holocaust Survivors, the largest such organization in America. She lives in Boro Park with her Brooklyn-born husband.

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  • Radek Samuel Roule Ph.D

    Article: Hagibor Social Care Facility

    Radek Samuel Roule Ph.D was born in the Czech Republic. He was raised together with his brother and sister; and three went through the Charles University of Prague. Dr. Roule started his academic life in 1999. After his studies in Science of Religion he pursued studies in Psycho-Social Sciences and Theologyand earned a doctoral degree. Dr. Roule attends post-graduate Gestalt lectures to earn his European Accreditation of Psychotherapy.  His main interests lie in the fields of philosophy, psychology and therapy. He has been influenced by the work of Martin Buber and others.

    Dr. Roule went through several trainings in social care and psychotherapy and spent four years in Ireland, where he worked at Crisis Intervention Centre in Dublin.   He experienced satisfaction with his work in that setting.   Since that time, he has remained. involved in the field of social care. Currently Dr. Roule works for Social Care Facility Hagibor, the largest project of Jewish Community of Prague. He works as an International Projects Coordinator and Sociotherapist. He is also involved in academic life, specifically examining modern society with an emphasis on on programs that support personal growth.

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  • Shmuel Reis MD, MHPE

    Shmuel Reis MD, MHPE

    Article: Small Things in the Morning that Bring Joy

    Shmuel Reis MD, MHPE is a family physician in an integrated health and social services health center in Northern Israel. He is the Professor and Chairperson of the Division of Family Medicine and immediate past-chair of Medical Education in the Technion  [Israel Institute of Technology] Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Haifa, Israel. He also coordinates the The Tomi Spenser program for the study of Medicine & the Holocaust in the same faculty.  He is editor of the Reflective Practice section for Europe and Associate Editor at large of the lead scientific journal in the domain of patient-doctor communication: Patient Education and Counseling. He teaches and mentors a wide range of individuals from students to practitioners in CME, and consults to departments and institutions. While on a sabbatical in Brown University, Providence, RI in 2007, Dr. Reis served as speaker and consultant in various venues in North America on his topics of interest: Assessment of students and physicians, Holocaust and Medicine and patient-doctor communication. His involvement in the field of Holocaust and Medicine is focused on the integration of the topic in Health Professions Education, and facilitating physicians’ awareness on the potential abuse of power inherent in their job. His parents are survivors, and his mother Yaffa published a memoir of her Shoah experience last year.

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  • Eva Weiss MEd, EdS


    Article: A Partnership Model to Reduce Isolation and Enhance the Well-Being of Survivors in Palm Beach County’s Gated-Communities

    Eva Weiss MEd, EdS has been the lead coordinator of the Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program at Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service in Palm Beach County, Florida, since its inception in 1995.   Born in Lvov, Russia, Ms. Weiss is the daughter of Polish Holocaust Survivors.  She has Master’s and Specialist’s degrees in Counseling and Education, and is a certified gerontologist who received her training at the University of Florida in Gainesville. At Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service, Eva reaches out to the county’s 9,000 Holocaust Survivors providing supportive case management and counseling.

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